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Radios & Communication Equipment
 Capitol Electronics - 2680 East Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168 - 317-839-5022
     Authorized provider of Unication dual band voice and tone pager. Available for P25 conventional and trunked systems. The G4
     and G5 pager provide access to 700/800 as well as UHF or VHF. Eliminates additional radios to monitor traffic on alternate channels.
 Capitol Electronics - 2680 East Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168 - 317-839-5022
     Authorized distributor of BK technologies (formerly Relm Wireless) providing durable P25 radios as portables, mobiles
     or base stations. VHF and UHF also available.
 General Devices - 1000 River Street, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 - 201-313-7075
     Public safety’s leading mobile communication app is GD’s e-Bridge™. With this application you can capture scene evidence, share
     HIPAA-secure voice, text, photos, vitals, and stream video with confidence and ease using your smartphone, tablet, Toughbook or PC.
     Free for firemen and public safety individuals, the e-Bridge app is all you need for secure communications.
 Rescom Sales Inc. - 214 Bruce Ave, Kincardine, ON, Canada, N2Z 2P3 - 800-665-2740
     "Home of the Rescom® Modular Hard Line Communication system for applications such as: Confined Space and Technical Rescue.
     This sytsem will provide a continuous duplex communication link between entrants and attendants to all permit required work sites.
     Communication can be linked by either the DuraCORE™ cable or our unique all-in-one NFPA Communication Rope.
     Call for your free quote."
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