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Fire Apparatus Manufacturers
 Alum-Line - Highway 9 West, Cresco, IA 52136 - 800-446-1407
     Custom built to last a lifetime and made to endure off-road use describe Rescue Body Aluminum Truck Bodies. Diamond plate
     aluminum, smooth, or painted aluminum finish are just some of the options available that allows you to have a Rescue Body
     Aluminum Truck Bodies with the professional look needed at an affordable price.
 Firovac Power Systems - 5963 Fountain Nook Road, Apple Creek, OH 44606 - 800-796-2588
     Firovac is the innovator of efficient, versatile and easy to use vacuum tankers and tanker/pumpers to supply improved water delivery
     system for urban/rural fire departments. Guaranteed to make a difference in water supply and fire fighting capabilities advancing to the
     next millennium.
 Southern Fire Service & Sales, Inc - 229 Confederate Ave, Jasper, GA 30143 - 800-293-1972
     we custom manufacture Class-A Pumpers, Fire Tankers / Tenders, Rescue Vehicles, Wildland Fire Apparatus, Haz-Mat Vehicles and
     “In-Plant” Apparatus.
 Sutphen Corporation - PO Box 158, Amlin, OH 43002 - 800-848-5860
     sets the standard for engineering excellence, technology, innovation, and durability in the fire apparatus industry. With nearly 12
     decades of industry experience, field-testing, and production know-how, Sutphen is ready to deliver the fire apparatus that meets
     your demanding needs.
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