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Engine Exhaust Removal
 Air Vacuum Corporation - Crosby Road Industrial Park, Dover, NH 03820 - 800-540-7264
     the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the most effective and efficient system on the market today. Fully automated
     and completely hands-free, this revolutionary design requires no hoses or vehicle hookups. Suspended from the ceiling, it requires no
     manual operation, and automatically activates and shuts down throughout the day.
 MagneGrip - 11449 Deerfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 - 800-875-5440
     manufactures, installs and services the world’s most advanced exhaust removal/air purification systems. No other company can offer
     the same TOTAL SOLUTION with three state-of-the-art product lines.
 Masterduct Inc - 5235 Ted Street, Houston, TX 77040 - 713-462-5779
     Masterduct’s Fire Flex® high-temperature vehicle exhaust hose is engineered for extreme high-temperature resistance with excellent
     heat stability for the purpose of venting high-temperature vehicle exhaust gases away from the fire station area. It is engineered to
     outlast other hoses in the industry and can be installed in new or existing stations that have issues with temperature, ripped or worn
     out hoses.
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