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CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems)
 North American Rescue - 35 Tedwall Court, Greer, South Carolina 29650 - 888-689-6277
     NitroStrike™ Nitrogen Foam System is a new, patented CAFS technology providing increased capability and performance for fighting fires,
     especially in restricted and/or extreme operational environments. These portable, cost effective, highly efficient fire suppression solutions
     are NFPA rated 2A/10B (2.5 Gallon)/10A/40B (30 Gallon) and feature a unique blending system that works directly from the manifold,
     with no moving parts. The mechanical advantage of this exclusive design not only reduces long term maintenance costs but also
     generates; a superior, shaving cream-like foam with maximized expansion rates and bubble durations for optimal adhesion to target
     surfaces. NitroStrike™ systems allow the use of all foams, including decontamination solutions, without the need to modify the base
     system. They are also compatible for use with Nitrogen as well as Compressed Air (with the addition of a simple conversion fitting
     at the manifold).
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